Montblanc The Beatles Ink (2017)

Montblanc The Beatles Ink (2017)

Ident Nr.: 116250
50ml, made in Austria.


Pilot Custom Urushi Vermillion (2017)

a vermillion version of the gigantic Pilot Custom Urushi is available in 2017. only the middle of the barrel and cap are done in vermillion urushi, the same as the custom 845 vermillion


Montblanc Zodiacs Dog Ink (2017)

Montblanc started a new series of ink for The Legend of Zodiacs, and it is Dog for year 2018. the color is red, new 50ml box, made in Austria.


Montblanc Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ink (2017)

Montblanc Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Ink (2017)
Writer Edition 2017

Ident Nr. 116249
Volume: 50ml
Production: Austria

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